Update Cycle 2


From €1250 excl. VAT

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The item is Streamline's take on an OEM CSL airbox replica.

Currently, only the version with Poly-carbonate trumpets is availiable starting at 1250 EUR excl. VAT. Carbon trumpets may be introduced mid-year 2020, with a higher price-tag.

Why chose Streamline's Airbox?

In short, the Airbox has four main changes from the OEM airbox:

- IAT sensor changed its place for less heat soak problems
- Front Snorkel attachment is Carbon Fiber, not Aluminium
- Trumpets made from CF

- Trumpets modified for better flow at higher RPM


We use high-grade russian carbon fiber. Materials come with certificates including:
- The raw material is taken from a licenced plant
- Weave is made with appropriate machinery
- The CF is handled correctly at the appropriate temperatures
- The roll is correctly transported.

We use 260 gram 2x2 weave in 3 layers for CF. We use a brand new technique of making CF where we intermingle prepreg and vaccum infusion giving us perfect strength, but also amazing finish inside and out. Item is baked it uner pressure over 3-4 hours for the best curing.


The molds are specifically made with a new technology combining vacuum infusion and prepreg creation. This is proprietary technology allowing us to bake-cure our items under pressure while still using a process similar to vacuum infusion for the perfect finish on both sides. The molds are all specifically designed for that.

The resins used a pure transparent, which means no yellowing over time will be experienced with our boxes. The carbon fiber is made from genuine fiber strands as well, further abolishing the chance of such thing happening. 

A bit more about the project...


We have developed multiple new technologies to make this project into a reality and we still managed to keep our prices competitive. We managed to create our trumpets - without any internal edges, and smooth on both sides, not just on the inside as many of our competitors hve them. At the end of the day you are paying good money for that item - it needs to be good itself!Item is made in 2x2 carbon fiber weave.