Update Cycle 4

E46 M3 CSR 


From €1075

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The item is Streamline's take on an OEM CSL airbox replica.

About the Bumper:

In short, the Bumper has four main improvements from the any other item on the market:

- Larger splitters, for better aero effect
- Fully integrated OEM design to bolt onto your OEM CF brace
- Plastic OEM derived side holders for full OEM integration

- No "puffy sides" effect, the exterior follows the OEM CSL angles


We use Aero grade R& G Germany woven glass fabric for the bumper cover. The splitters are made from triple layer of carbon fiber. Materials come with certificates including:
- The raw material is taken from a licenced plant
- Weave is made with appropriate machinery
- The CF is handled correctly at the appropriate temperatures
- The roll is correctly transported.


The item is made with "Streamfusion" technology, allowing us to vacuum infuse the item, but also bake under pressure for a better finish and a lighter weight.

The resins used a pure transparent, which means no yellowing over time will be experienced with our boxes. The carbon fiber is made from genuine fiber strands as well, further abolishing the chance of such thing happening. 

A bit more about the project...


The market is lacking a high-quality Bumper which can be used with the OEM brace. We decided to take on this project and make it a reality! We are the first to offer a full bolt-on solution of this kind for the E46 M3 Platform.


Glass Woven - €1075

Carbon Woven - €1205