Per set €960 excl. VAT

These camshafts are made for Streamline Autosport. They are created by the German company Dbilas Dynamics who have over 30 years of experience in the creation of performance parts for race and road cars. 

280/272 Package:

These camshafts are 280/272 specced, nothing new there... but... lift on both of them is increased, custom made to compliment the higher revving nature of the engine. The lobe angle is steeper getting the valve open as quickly as possible allowing for more air to get quiker into the cilinder. The tip is less "pointy" than the industry standard for less wear on the followers and other internal components. This "less pointy" nature allows the valve to stay more open for longer aiding power as well. These should extract the maximum ammount of performance from our airbox without upgrading valve springs, or compromising low end punch. 

We recommend these for people pushing full bolt-on S54's. This camshaft option gives you more benefits, higher lift, high ramp angles, and longer duration of the valve being fully open than other 280/272 cams, without the drawbacks of the 288/280 camshafts, as in lowering the dynamic compression ratio, increasing overlap, rough idle on cold starts and the higher wear on followers and valve springs.

288/280 Package:


These camshafts are 288 on the intake camshaft and 280 on the exhaust camshaft. Lift is arround 0.2mm higher than the industry standard on both intake and exhaust cam. The ramp angle is agressive again, the design is taken from the OEM BMW camshafts and implemented into these ones. The idea is for the cam to open as soon as possible and as wide as possible and stay open for as long as possible. The lobe head is less pointy, so it can provide less wear on the followers. This is trully the maximum cam you can safely run on a stock S54 engine!

We recommend this camshaft for track-cars spending most of their life at 5000+ RPM, and for cars who rev over 8000 RPM. Mind you revving over 8200 RPM with these cams will surely require uprated valve springs. For the best possible results, we recommend going 12.3:1 compression pistons, which will bring the dynamic compression ratio, very close to stock with these cams, and give you the best results. On a stock engine, with just a couple of bolt-ons we do recommend the 280/272 camshaft as the power gains are similar, but the ease of installation, tuning, and lack of drawbacks are more beneficial.