S54 CARBON AIRBOX Fitting kit

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The item is Streamline's take on an OEM CSL airbox replica.

CSL Airbox Fitting Kit:

We can supply a full fitting kit for your CSL airbox upgrade.

The standard kit
Price: €227,5 excl. VAT:

ITG CSL AIR FILTER: (13727838625)
IAT CSL Sensor replacement from German company Topran (13621739510)
2 pole socket housing for CSL IAT Sensor (12521427615)
90 deg protective boot for 2 pole socket housing (12521732635)
CSL Crank Case Vent Hose (11157833649)
CSL Airbox Air Shut Off Valve (11617833647)

SMG Transmition

Add  €125 excl. VAT:

CSL SMG Expansion Tank Bracket (41147896136)
CSL SMG Expansion Tank Reservoir (21532282549)

CSL OEM Plastic Snorkel

Add  €380 excl. VAT:

CSL Control Unit (11617833498)

CSL OEM Dipstick Conversion

Add  €88 excl. VAT:

OEM CSL DIPSTICK: 11437834784

The OEM Dipstick Conversion is not necessary, as you can relocate where the OEM dipstick tube comes out of, and simply bolt it so that it comes out on the other side of the airbox as that way you don't need to take the unfiltered part of the airbox out to check your oil levels. We do that on the cars that come to us, but if you do want the OEM CSL experience you can get the dipstick conversion too.