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The item is Streamline's take on an OEM CSL airbox replica.

About the Radiator:

In short, the Radiator has:

- Temperature tested to a 605 °C surface temperature over 3-5 minute intervals.
- Flux load tested up to 3 and 5 g/m2
- Joint geometry inspected where no gap size should be bigger than 0,15 mm resulting in no "preferential" paths of flow - the whole radiator core is equally used.
- 100% OEM integration with all the joints, bells, inserts etc. 
- Fully capable of 10-15% cooler temps on track and road. 
- Fully capable for track and race use.


The radiator is made fully Aluminium alloy. The core is manufactured by a Motorsport radiator maker in the UK famous for their involvement in motorsport and F1. The aluminium alloy for the fixings and periphery is specifically chosen for this application. A casting has been properly CNC machined to make a uniform, smooth finish.


Streamline's own dual row, tripple pass fully aluminium radiator. The core for this item is made from a company responsible for the cooling cores of multiple rally, timeattack and racing vehicles. Brackets are fully CNC machined, and the radiator has an exact OEM mounting application - no modifications, no cutting, no welding - plug and play. The core allows over 30 percent of increased coolant capacity, and over 50cm sq. of bigger frontal area.