Eibach anti-roll bars

What are Anti-Roll Bars?

Anti-roll bars are essentially tubes, which connect the left and right suspension parts together. They are not mandatory, as their only function is to transfer weight hence increasing or decreasing roll across the axles. 

How do Roll-Bars Work?

How Roll-Bars Affect Grip:

When you are in a corner, a weight transfer occurs from the inside of the vehicle to the outside of the vehicle. That weight-transfer is called roll. A roll-bar gives an additional pathway for that sideways force to get from the inside to the outside tire. The stiffer a roll-bar is, the more force, more quickly is transferred through it. After a point, lateral force will begin to rob grip from that axle. Under hard cornering as we know a car can start to slip - exceeding its coefficient of friction, so a stiffer anti-roll bar is effectively robbing grip from that axle, but improving grip on the other axle.


So for example, if you stiffen too much the rear anti-roll bar, the rear will have more weight transfer, meaning - will exceed the tire's maximum coefficient of friction a lot sooner. This might result in mid-corner snap overseer.

How Roll-Bars Affect  Roll Frequency:

Roll frequency is another thing affected by anti-roll bars. A stiffer and shorter anti-roll bar gets weight transfer quicker to the other side, more so than a more flexible or a longer one. In a corner, a balanced car has the same amount of grip on both outside tires. As the front axle goes into a corner first, and the rear slightly after, usually cars are tuned with a slightly stiffer rear anti-roll bar in order to get to the front's grip level quicker, so that both can work in unison.

Should you get Anti-Roll Bars?

It is important to understand that Anti-Roll bars don't increase maximum grip levels on each individual axle, they simple fine tune when maximum grip level occurs across both axles. This can create a balanced feel when cornering and increase overall grip of the whole car if done right. Anti-Roll bars are a good way to fine-tune your suspension, and we recommend them for avid drivers, who want to increase / decrease their under-steer or over steer characteristics of their cars. We will give guidance and help with what is the best choice too!