Update Cycle 1

E46 M3 BBK - Base

From €836 excl. VAT

The item is Streamline's take on an OEM CSL airbox replica.

About the Big Brake Kit:

As we all know the braking of the E46 M3 could be improved. Most options on the market are expensive, and the ones that are not usually come from chinese manufacturers. We decided to search for an alternative and we finally found it!

You recieve brand new Brembo monoblock calipers with dust-boots and unlike the 135i calipers, these ones have pistons that last! Actually even the Brembo GT Kit for the E46 M3 does not feature monoblock construction... The pads are easily availiable as they are the same as the EVO pads, and so are the discs, from your local BMW dealer - the E92 M3 OEM discs. 

You Recieve:


  • 2 Brand New OEM Brembo Forged Monoblock calipers, unlike most kits featuring 2 piece cast calipers, including the Brembo GT Kit and AP-Racing counterparts

  •  2 Brand new Carbon Coated Goodrich brake lines with lifetime warranty

  • 2 Fully anodized aluminium planks

  • 2 Year warranty

  • Plug and play integration



  • 4 Textar Sport Pads for sporty driving and trackwork

  • 2 Brand new ATE 360x30 Discs from the E92 M3 

Purpose of the kit:

This kit is tailored to the sporty enthusiast who wants amazing braking performance without breaking the bank. It is an extremely high-value kit, and it works beautifully on road and on the track. It combines the highest quality components on the market in one easily available package.

We actually use this same kit on our E46 M3 roadcar build!

Caliper Colors - €150 option:

Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Black, White, SIlver