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What we do?


We gather information about your build - rim weight, rim specs, car weight, usage, power and budget and we propose a couple of variants for suspension options best for your application. Makers include Vogtland, Bilstein and Eibach. We can assist you to chose the best options for your budget to achieve what you want to achieve from your vehicle, within reason ofcourse.


- Tell us about your vehicle and budget

- We communicate with you what we believe is the best route to go

- We assist with information helping you pick your desired setup

- Once a setup is agreed upon we receive 50% deposit.

- We order the suspension, whether it is off the shelf, or a custom made item.

- Before sending the full price is paid

- We deliver them to your doorstep.

Premade Suspensions:


Vogtland Pro Coilovers- from €815:


- Dual Cannister Gas Technology
- Shocks made from Stainless Steel

- Springs made from Vogtland Germany

- TUV Certified
- Lowering up to 40mm front / 40mm rear

- Threaded strut housings allow adjustable height

This kit is one of the best entry-level kits for a daily and back road car with modest track miles. So far the ones we've tested give great balance, and compliance while still making the vehicle feel more sporty in the bends with a bit less roll to deal with.

Shocks have quick reaction times, and the springs are linear, giving absolutely predictable handling. The car isn't too busy over small bumps, and takes them well. Over-all a very good piece of kit for the money, and TUV approved as well!

Eibach Pro Coilovers- from €1260:

- Monotube Construction
- Gas-Pressure technology
- Eibach specifically made Barrel-shaped springs
- Large pistons ~40mm front / ~38mm rear 

- Height Adjustable

The suspension is only height adjustable, the damping is set-up from EIbach. The springs work very well with the dampers, the suspension feels progressive and balanced. The rebound damping catches the car early making the car feel more sporty and stable. The compression damping is well balanced, good enough for a road car and fun and confidence inspiring on track. The construction is Stainless steel. Overall a great piece of kit. We do recommend getting Eibach anti-roll bars with it too.